Hank: “Peggy, look!”
Peggy: “Hank, we are not getting an HDTV. They are too lifelike. Luanne would be walking into it all of the time.”
Luanne: “Pss-pss-pss, here kitty kitty kitty! Come here, kitty! Do you mind if I open this window, and let this kitty in?”
Peggy: “And I think we need one with a little less definition.”


Mariah Carey’s Camel Toe is remarkably similar to Hank Hill’s Ass


Lookit awll da weed.

This is a disgrace…i think that big one is lined notebook paper…

Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites Live Dubstep Cover

Live Dubstep Cover By Pinn Panelle Of Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites By Skrillex.